All Hallows Church
Monday, May 28, 2018
06:00 PM
1 Pepper Street Southwark London SE1 0EP

“I am not flint or diamond or any of that great hard stuff. If I am stone, I am some kind of shoddy crumbly stuff like sandstone or serpentine, or maybe schist. Or not even stone but clay, or not even clay but mud. And I wish that those who take me for granite would once in a while treat me like mud.” –Ursula K Le Guin

Join an open study group on nonhuman agencies and stony resistance, led by artist Rowan Lear.


Reading Materials:

Ursula K Le Guin – ‘Being Taken for Granite’
Wave in the Mind (2004)

Jeffrey Jerome Cohen – ‘Love and Strife’
within the chapter ‘Geophilia’ in
Stone: An Ecology of the Inhuman (2015) pp.19-27

Sara Ahmed – ‘Stones Matter’
within the chapter ‘A Call to Arms’ in
Wilful Subjects (2014) pp.185-193

Amelia Groom – ‘A Lichenous Embrace’
On Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore’s ‘I Extend My Arms’
Girls Like Us (September 2017)

Here’s a folder of all the materials.
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Organised by wrkwrkwrk – a feminist study group supporting emerging research and new ways of thinking about media, technology, decoloniality and the body. All study group meetings are free to attend and open to all.

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