The Muse Gallery
Thursday, January 18, 2024
Sunday, February 4, 2024
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR
The Muse Gallery

At the core of our work is the residency programme, six months of subsidised space with the chance to interact with gallery clientele, learn from professional technicians, and curators and earn from invigilating shows. Our residents will be setting up their studios and collaborating on a group show, kicking off our residency program in January, leading to a final exhibition in June. We urge you to visit the exhibition and support these emerging artists as they transition to independent careers beyond graduation.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.


Margarita Frančeska Loze

Margarita Frančeska Loze is a recent graduate of MFA Fine Art from Kingston School of Art and is a co-founder of Conch Collective. She has been nominated for The Muse Residency 2024 and in year 2022, she was selected for the Venice Biennale Fellowship programme. The work of Margarita is a celebration of the poetics of the ordinary. Her recent work combines textile production with the use of found objects. By using a variety of mediums, such as hand-drawn stop motion, writing, embroidery and sculpture, she attempts to capture the transient nature of life and create a tangible connection to universal and personal memories. Through her experimental narrative approach, Margarita makes a dreamlike ontology, to capture the nuances of spatial, temporal and poetic navigation.


James Grossman

James Grossman is a Multidisciplinary Designer Maker, who combines his background in Product Design with his love of form and sculpture. Exploring the relationships between organic forms in the natural and digital realms. The formulation of his designs is primarily constructed through simulations and digital craftsmanship to create works incorporating themes of tactility, connection, and containment. He aims to capture obscure movement across a variety of mediums, by experimenting with advanced technologies. By doing so he plans to investigate speculative futures and inspire his audience to consider unexplored questions.


Romi Thornton

As a multimedia artist, Romi investigates the profound impact consumerism has on our sense of self. Through installation, she navigates the false promises and facades maintained by corporations. Her practice aims to shed light and provoke critical reflection on the hidden narratives in commerce by exploring the expanded role of the exhibition visitor as a quasi-consumer. One integral aspect of her work is the spurious brand Infinitech, founded by the unprincipled CEO Rosemary Barbara Thompson. The narratives embody the ergonomically alluring, yet illusory promises tech companies offer us. The spaces she creates suggest order and control. But, in leaving easter eggs for the viewer within the curations – and by recreating the peculiar and slightly off moments we experience with customer service – simulations are revealed, and pretences are broken.