Stanley Picker Gallery & Swan Studios, Kingston upon Thames
Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Saturday, September 24, 2016
Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture Knights Park Campus Grange Road Kingston upon Thames KT1 2QJ
Stanley Picker Gallery / Kingston University

Opening event: Wednesday evening, 21 September, 17h – 20:30hrs

Exhibition opening times: 11h – 17h

This exhibition occurred with the historic event of a EU membership referendum in the UK, with a vote to leave. Students from ten different countries could not ignore this event in their final exhibition. So in the aftermath, and in a new landscape of volatile reactions and political unrest, they set about their task by making DaDa poems and using free association and group exercises, in response to sets of controls. Word mixes emerged, evoking: borders, cities, homes, work, and education, travelling, splitting, sharing and belonging. Proposed titles included: Border Beach, Jukebox Skyscraper, Ever Island, and Salad Bowl Resistance. This resulted in the decision to borrow a Lawrence Weiner work as a title. This was a homage but also recognising something potent which is greater than the moment, that is, the legacy of conceptual art that has cut radically into history and recognises the powerful and embedded relationship of thinking, making and politics.

Eddie Kweon
Louise Anderson
Ziyan Luo
Onnury Oh
William Parker
Firomena leong
Bokyeong Shin
Jane Glennie
Julie Bost
Ixchel Prada Rojas
Hwajin Lee
Alejandra Peñaloza
Grigoris Kampouridis
Parminderjit Singh Bhangoo
Julia Hyewon Kim
Jiaqi Luo
Joana Blasques