Sunday, February 2, 2020
Thursday, February 20, 2020
111 Gloucester Road
South West England
Douglas Karson


the RULES are a thrilling new collection by internationally accomplished artist Douglas Adam Karson. These works embody the epoch of out time with a call toward balance, collaboration and understanding.  Working with a specific set of arbitrary RULES that relate to the human condition and our perception, the RULES series is a celebration of life and the endless variety that can blossom when working within constraints.


Mostly paintings with a mix of built objects and experience, this exhibition is a wonderful sharing of a unique vision.  Often angular but sometimes figurative, these works are a new take on a relatable theme and this is the PREMIER.  After 3 years of building the collection and working with Lord and Lion Art Dealers and RAWSPACE coworking, the RULES exhibition is coming to make an impact.



Douglas Karson is an internationally recognised American born Bristol based artist known for his work exploring yogic themes, ink based minimalist pieces and use of colour.  His work has been published in art magazines such as CreativPaper, Art Reveal, WotIsArt and more. He is also a published poet/performer and founder/producer of Art Battle UK.