The Second Act Gallery
Thursday, January 18, 2024
Thursday, February 15, 2024
29 Sunbury Workshops, Swanfield Street, London, E2 7LF
The Second Act

The Rhythm Machine is an orchestra of modulated voices, factory transformations and animations exploring the stretch of time between the industrial and post-industrial. Utilising animation as a way of simulating the rhythm and tempo of the machine, the work takes on the aesthetic of early computer graphics, which is played in relationship to footage from a Victorian Ropery. Further employing the use of mechanisation within the work, modulated voices simulate the individualised rhythmical energy of each apparatus. These disembodied parts become orchestral when playing simultaneously, participating at various tempos and pitches. These pulsations of movement generated by both human and automata recapitulate and evolve, acting as reverberations Рconversations between the old and new and possibility of evolution.