Mission Gallery
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Sunday, June 8, 2014
Mission Gallery | Gloucester Place | Maritime Quarter | Swansea SA1 1TY | Wales | UK

Anne is dedicated to a drawing and fibre-based studio practice that explores the gendered relationships we have to place. She chooses to use the half remembered craft skills of her childhood in Wales to perform this exploration for the duration of her residency at Gower College.

Using written and visual documents, memory, research and the physical act of making, Anne find conflicts in how a place is portrayed and how it is experienced, particularly through the female body. Visually her work takes the form of hand-crafted, costume-like objects created using maps, floor plans and diagrams as fabric patterns.

These objects are worn, performed, enacted and displayed. She uses them to activate the imagery she has drawn from her research into a place and its feminized history. These objects are accompanied by drawing and prints that document the interaction between the body, costume and the place.