Mission Gallery
Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Sunday, July 13, 2014
Mission Gallery | Gloucester Place | Maritime Quarter | Swansea SA1 1TY | Wales | UK

From the Watchtower will see the transformation of citizen into learner/observer into active participant. Expanding on a daily practice of watching the sea from her top floor flat overlooking Swansea Bay, the ‘Watchtower’ will be activated by Thomas through a series of day-long observations of the sea.

Across several weeks, set days will be dedicated to the act of observing the sea or ‘keeping watch’ from a high window overlooking the sea where shifting tides, colours, and unknown phenomenology will be observed. Set within the context of an ‘Ephemeral Coast’, From the Watchtower will explore our relationship with the sea, the potential future of the oceans and the processes of understanding through observing.

At the end of each day observations and thoughts will be transformed into a spoken word/sonic interpretation of the day which will then be updated at Mission Gallery and also made available on the online From the Watchtower Radio Station.

This work is a commission for Ephemeral Coast, curated by Celina Jeffery.

About | Fern Thomas

Rooted in the processes and principles of Social Sculpture, Thomas’ work explores the potency and transformational capacities of the image in its broadest sense and interrogates her relationship with the ecological, archetypal and mythological world.