Small World
Saturday, September 20, 2008
Sunday, September 28, 2008
89 Vernon Road London E15 4DQ

As an artist-in-residence researching, conceptualising, constructing and engaging from her live/work space, Alison Marchant has devised a series of projects engaging with residents of eight surrounding streets in Stratford Village, East London, where she is based. The artist’s studio spills out onto the street and in the wake of Olympic change where these ‘small’ projects commence through the sculptural practices of intervention, social engagement and materiality as the redistribution of vegetable plants, herbs and flowers, small removals of litter and inventories of an exposition of Estate Agents’ signs become the basis for on-going acts of creativity. This site-specific piece located across the urban space of Stratford Village repositions notions of reGeneration through the encouragement of residents’ in the reclamation of their front of houses. This is undertaken through the creation of less than conventional, tiny front-of-house gardens situating litter and Estate Agents’ signage in a position of contrast. ‘The Unconventional Garden Shop’ is a photographic installation, recalling the artist’s fanciful existence as social interventionist, florist, gardener and delivery girl in sunshine and rain during the recent Spring and Summer months. 150 households are currently involved in the project which has been an inspiration for further residents to develop tiny front gardens enabling social interaction.