Saturday, June 26, 2021
03:00 PM
A zoom link will be sent out to all those who book.
East England
turn the page / Rosie Sherwood

This year turn the page Artists’ Book Fair is presenting an online anthology to celebrate the incredible artists who have participated since the fairs launch in 2012. Each month ttpABF presents a rolling showcase of our amazing artists, publishers and smaller presses.

Since its launch in 2018 the turn the page Symposium has hosted two hugely popular events that present and discuss the theory, history and practise behind work like book art exhibited at the fair. As part of the anthology showcase, we will be hosting two online talks, one in June and one in September.

The first event, on Saturday June 26th from 3-4.30pm presents three different artists whose practise incorporates the act of exploring and recording everyday acts. Join us for these amazing talks, a panel discussion, and your chance to ask questions of the artists.

Book for free and join us to get inspired for your own walks!

During Lockdown embracing every day, even mundane acts, be in making tea or taking a walk, became a refuge, a daily inspiration, and a way of exploring our own lives. The potential of this way of looking at life and the world has been the foundation of many artistic practises for decades. From recording our walks, to documenting the lives of our communities, finding inspiration in the everyday is often the start of making new work; of challenging and changing the way we see the world. For book artists’ the book itself becomes a vessel for these recordings and for the art we make from them. They become a way of seeing and sharing the world anew.


The Talks


Sophie Cunningham Dawe

Across her multi-disciplinary practice spanning drawing, photography, artists books and printmaking, artist Sophie Cunningham Dawe/Flatten Press utilises her regular ‘walk and draw’ practice to fill sketchbooks with the raw energy of gestural mark-making made in response to wherever she finds herself.

For this online event, Sophie will explain her drawing approach of observing and documenting an environment as she moves through it, with both abstract and representational outcomes, and how her ‘walk and draw’ sketchbooks underpin her artist’s books.



Ruth Brumby

This talk will explore the ways in which walking is an important part of Ruth’s practice and research. She sees the line of walking as a line of thinking, a line through place, geographical and cultural, and through time. Her line of walking, line of thinking, line of living follows other lines in the landscape, both of natural forces such as magnetism and those made by people, such as desire paths. It is also affected by boundaries, cultural constraints and access rights. Ruth is interested in different kinds of change: ageing, cyclical, seasonal, irreversible, catastrophic, caused by humans. Her research takes the form of fieldwork and through the act of making with papier-mache, often looking at patterns repeating fractally at different scales.



The book as vessel

Chiara Ambrosio

In this talk Chiara present her project “As Far As The Eye Can Travel”, a miniature book Wunderkammer that gathers together geographies of the mind, topographies of the soul and physical excavations: chance encounters, unexpected revelations as far as the eye can–and will–travel.

The project, now in its 5th year, is an investigation into the medium of photography and its power to capture, translate and preserve a transient moment, thought, or epiphany in book form.

Chiara will explore how artist books can act as talismans, amulets and portals, charged objects that assist in an act of conjuring; suggesting that meaningful and transformative events happen often unnoticed, and that through the act of paying attention to what is seemingly marginal, real change and revelation can occur.

Photography and the printed matter- united- can make us see and touch the world again, dispelling our feelings of alienation before an increasingly distant and removed reality: looking as a radical form of commitment. Watch it all bloom again, from seed into vigorous tree- an image, a single seed that yields endless stories, and invites you to contribute to the never-ending journey.

About Our Presenters

Sophie Cunningham Dawe

Sophie’s creative practice spans photography, drawing – especially ‘walk and draw,’ printmaking, artists books & curating exhibitions. She enjoys collaborating with other artists, writers, poets, actors, musicians, archaeologists and academics. Her themes tend to be existential and/or environmental often made in response to walking through landscape.

Ruth Brumby

Ruth has a BA in English Literature  (1976) and an MA from NUA in Fine Art (2018). She was a primary school teacher and headteacher for many years. Ruth began making papier-mache with old leadership and management books, transforming the texts and she life. She lives and works in North Norfolk.

Chiara Ambrosio

Chiara is a London-based filmmaker and visual artist, working with animation, documentary, photography and printed matter to explore the ways in which we perceive, remember, articulate and preserve personal and collective histories and a sense of place through the filter of memory and the imagination.

Her work includes collaborations with musicians, composers and anthropologists and has been presented extensively both nationally and internationally at venues such as The Whitechapel Gallery, Anthology Film Archives and La Cinematheque Francaise.

She has been a part time guardian of books and their stories at Bookartbookshop for the best part of the last 10 years.

Since 2009 she has been curating “The Light Shadow Salon”, a space for the moving image, at London’s cult venue The Horse Hospital. Chiara runs a monthly radio show, “Raft”, on London’s Resonance 104.4 fm radio station, where she embarks on walks across the city with other practitioners, reaping and sowing stories within its streets.


Hosting the Talks

Rosie Sherwood, founder of the turn the page Symposium, will be hosting these online talks during this year’s anthology celebrations.

Rosie is an artist, independent publisher, curator and scholar. Her interdisciplinary practise incorporates photography, sculpture, book art and text. Sherwood founded As Yet Untitled in 2012, specialising in limited edition book art and events. From 2017-2020 she was Creative Director of turn the page Artists Book Fair and Symposium. In 2018 Sherwood was a finalist in the National Sculpture Prize, for which her sculpture, Akin, was installed at Broomhill Sculpture Gardens. Sherwood has been published on a range of subjects and has work in national and international collections including Tate, The British Library and the National Libraries of Victoria and Queensland, Australia.

Sherwood’s current creative research, An Ever Moving Now, is an exploration of wildness, rewilding, and our relationship with nature. Before Covid-19 Sherwood had begun a Fellowship at the Chelsea College of Art Foundry. This position will resume when it is safe to do so.