The Muse at 269 Gallery/Studio
Thursday, November 13, 2014
Sunday, December 7, 2014
269 Portobello Rd London W11 1LR
The Muse Gallery

The Muse at 269, Gallery / Studio
presents – ‘An end of residency solo exhibition’

Urban Loneliness By Gosia Lapsa-Malawska

I see crowds of lonely people sheltered inside the cocoons of convenances, overwhelmed by a fear of intimacy.

The Tube, a party, a street, an office, a pub, friends,
a family, loved ones, strangers…
You’re smiling but feeling so lonely…
Urban Loneliness is about all of us, all the busy people living in the City.

Positive and negative aspects of loneliness…
Indifference or a respect for the right to be left alone?

Please, join us on 13th November (Thursday) – 9.00 pm at Muse Gallery/Studio
Don’t stay alone at home.

Gosia Łapsa-Malawska
Is a Polish artist based in London. She is a Street Art lover and self confessed Portobello addict (seeking help).
She works in: painting, collage, photography, poster design and lithography.

In her work are visible influences of ‘The Polish School of Posters’ and Japanese aesthetics.

Gosia uses terse language and a monochrome palette, to seamlessly blend ideas within a dimension of stark simplicity and suggested form.

The artist believes in fewer strokes, to achieve clarity and space to invite her audience to use their own imaginations.

In her works she explores the relationships between people and art in public spaces, the idea of an urban loneliness and the isolation one can experience when lost in a crowd.

The artist avidly watches people, observing lives that inevitably inspire her, as she transposes them and her personal experiences into the hinterlands of her imagination.

Private View: 13 November 2014, 6.30-9.00pm
Artist present
Thursday –Sunday 12.00 am – 6.00 pm
or by appointment.

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