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‘Being an Art Historian, I look at things through an historical lense.This series of my work discusses Urban Narratives and howobjects change the meaning of our lives.

My perception of the urban state is reflected through objects, or what I see as ‘urban interventions’.

This concept of ‘urban’ is a rejection of tradition to me, dis-harmony, an unnatural hierarchy, where conventional objects are simply left juxtaposed to their environment.

As urbanisation invades our existence, so do our aesthetics change.’

Naishadh Jani


‘I was honoured to work with these artists in India, a meeting of minds to collaborate on a cross cultural programme. A project amalgam of academia and vocational arts almost a decade ago; in the Gujarati states of India amidst the echelons of academia and cross cultural exchange. Our like minds gravitated, as a small team of professional artists working in practice and promotion, education and outreach.

We found mutual interests in celebrating the power of visual language and the ubiquity of arts as means to connect and galvanise local and international communities. We became a transient, albeit project based, community bridging the cultural, sociopolitical and geographical divides. A living testament to the commissioning brief of the programme we ran and philosophy that supported. These artists and teachers operated on a frequency that was familiar to me and my team. Their ideas and sensibilities were accessible and resonant of our work in the U.K., even though we had never met, even though they came from thousands of miles away. — ubiquity was evident.

With whiffs of a collective consciousness hanging in the air, we delivered several programmes and began a relationship that led us here. Back home to the UK, to where it all began, deep in the market streets of West London, Portobello and Colville. These shows are the product of almost a decade of inspiration, faith, trust and respect. It is a refreshing reminder of connectivity through the arts and the power of visual language that brought us together.

With thanks to Veer Narmad South Gujarat University in 2016 – 2019. Krushnapriya, Naishadh, Rajarshi, Bhrigu and Preksha and the rest of their team. It is a great pleasure to be able to support these international artists in the  UK.’

Damian Rayne

Director The Muse Gallery