Dean Clough Galleries
Saturday, September 30, 2017
Sunday, January 14, 2018
Dean Clough, HALIFAX HA3 5AX



This exhibition brings together three Yorkshire painters who have each exhibited in recent John Moores Painting Prize Exhibitions; one a prize winner in 2014. Each makes use of ubiquitous and often found materials of their post industrial urban landscape – concrete, aerosol paints, crisp packets, drug baggies, glossy magazines, lost toys – as substrate or media, source material or reference. It could be seen as the perfect recycling cycle, making use of the discarded and useless outpourings of the city. But this is no mere exercise in decorative ‘making do’. There is meaning here in the act of painting and how painters paint now when it would seem that everything has been painted and painted in every possible way. But, essentially, the three painters in this exhibition ask a question about the places they live and work in: that question is ‘how do we dwell?