Wimbledon Space
Thursday, November 24, 2016
01:00 PM
Wimbledon College of Arts, Merton Hall Road, London SW19 3QA
AIR Council

AIR Council and a-n have been been invited by curators Amy McDonnell and Marsha Bradfield to take part in their evolving exhibition What Happens To Us? at Wimbledon Space.

AIR Council members Binita Walia and Pippa Koszerek will be hosting a disucssion that explores future scenarios for artists in our Brexit-uncertain times. This is an open conversation for artists, lecturers and students.

This meeting is about crowd-sourcing ideas and issues that will feed into a-n’s campaigning and advocacy work on behalf of artists. We’ll discuss and imagine future scenarios for Brexit and how working as an artist might change. Bring your thoughts, ideas, concerns and experiences for this open discussion. Be a part of shaping visual arts policy proposals on Brexit.

AIR Council are an advisory group representing artists’ views to a-n The Artists Information Company. a-n are currently developing a Brexit strategy in order to understand how they can best make the case for practising artists to Government and ensure that artists get the best deal possible. This meeting will help inform policy recommendations, the development of campaigns and other resources for visual artists.

See our Facebook event listing for the ‘What Happens to Us? – Artists and Brexit’