Wimbledon Space
Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Friday, December 9, 2016
Wimbledon College of Arts, Merton Hall Road, London SW19 3QA
Curated by Amy McDonnell and Marsha Bradfield

Communities don’t just happen, they’re made.

What Happens to Us examines democracy as a system of community formation. The exhibition unfolds in the long shadow of UK’s EU referendum and with the news of Trump leading the so-called free world, compelling many to ask should we ‘just say no’ to democracy. What if the philosopher Joseph de Maistre was right: People really do get the governments they deserve?

What Happens to Us takes as its departure Group Material’s Democracy (1988-9); an exhibition determined by roundtable discussion on the pressing issues of AIDS, cultural participation, election and education – today, we might add climate change, mass migration and economic disparity. In What Happens to Us we will eat, make decisions and research together, building the exhibition and its ethos over time. We will host workshops, talks and screenings in four, weekly phases – ‘Build’, ‘Elect’, ‘Use’ and ‘Account’ to explore the politics in our communities.

Closing Event: Thursday 8 December, 5 – 8pm