Thames Side Studios
Saturday, July 4, 2020
Saturday, July 11, 2020
Harrington Way, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE18 5NR
Clare Dudeney

Expanded paintings, sculptures and weavings by four female artists focusing on the boundaries and spaces between our inner experience of being and what we are able to express to others. The works lure you in with beauty but have an uneasiness and disquiet. Fragmented, translucent with traces of existence, but no humans present.

Clare Dudeney’s freeform weavings map intangible, unspoken thoughts and feelings through relationships of colour and shape. Justine Formentelli’s paintings and sculptures explore the interaction between our internal landscapes and the external world; and how our personal geology made of memories, fleeting sensations, key life events and areas of ambiguity define our perception. Rachel Goodison invites us to experience the spaces in between her playful sculptural forms, exploring the emotions we feel when surrounded by familiar materials presented in unfamiliar ways. Maddie Yuille’s domestic interior paintings illuminate the inanimate, like a film cutaway from the drama, they offer glimpses of life without coherent narrative.