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when all my thoughts

when all my thoughts combine to create no way forward i know it’s time to curl up on the sofa for a few hours and hide under a blanket. now having done that i can continue to try to reflect […]

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I had to redraw the diagrams on my iPad with pencil because the previous ones look untidy. The ones on the iPad resembled Lee Bul’s preliminary sketches. I thought about my idea in the last post, and I’m not confident […]

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Job Collaborative projects


Inviting all Brixton based creative minds to exhibit their work in a way that is visible from the street, using windows instead of gallery walls. Choose your own windows or ask Brixton based shop/venue to exhibit your work.

Event Exhibition


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  • Venue:
    Online only
  • From:
    November 28, 2020
  • To:
    February 07, 2021
  • Location:
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