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Open Call – Neurodivergent Artists Network collective and exhibition

Opportunity for 4 neurodivergent artists based in Scotland, to join an artists’ collective, collaborate on a manifesto for neurodiversity in the arts (with £450 stipend), and showcase their work as part of a funded group exhibition.

Job Collaborative projects

Love, dinners, flowers, dances (money, work, deadlines, power)

You are invited to make a short sound piece in collaboration with one or more other people, encouraging working together and reflection on the process – its complexities, imperfections, joys and strengths.

Job Collaborative projects

The Co19 Project

The Co 19 project is a collaborative effort. Bringing together the global community and offering a place for people to share their voices, experience, creativity, or simply a few thoughts.

There is no minimum and there is no maximum.

All your highs and all your lows

Job Collaborative projects

The OVADA Covid Quilt

Embroider, Stitch, Applique, Weave, Sew, Knit or Print!

The squares you create will eventually be sewn together to make a giant quilt as a memorial to the shared experience of the pandemic and exhibited in our warehouse gallery space.