Ink, pencil and gold leaf on paper, 2014

Image courtesy of artist Nathan Chenery.
[email protected]
The work exhibited here is a mix of new watercolours and drawings from the on-going Horizon series. Nathan’s current practice reflect on identity and how it can be represented as a destination. That destination is unknown; a utopia that sits on the horizon yet to be realised. The work focuses on the ever changing politics around sexuality, including recent developments around same sex marriage. Queer Theory has championed both for and against marriage, and the work encapsulates both arguments: assimilation vs. acceptance. The drawings take on the reoccurring form of a horizon within a border, while the watercolours build up a new set of identifiers, using titles to play on a Neoromanticism. Cultural and art historical references along with names, subtle visual clues and fragments of text all help piece together Nathan’s musings. The work looks back in order to move forward.

Nathan completed his BA (Hons) Fine Art at York St John University in 2005 and since then his work has since been displayed and collected both nationally and internationally.