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Sanghee’s work revolves around an exploration of intimate everyday objects, practices and the spaces of women. She utilises a wide range of mass-produced cosmetic and beauty products such as make-up sponges, synthetic hair wigs, elastic hair bands, and low-cost clothes to create playful installations with an unfinished air and lightness of touch. There are multiple stages to Sanghee’s production process: the selection of intriguing readymade objects, the reconstruction of those objects in both an unrestrained and sensitive manner, and formulating new feminist meanings from these materials. Her work draws interesting contrasts. It is humble, trivial, yet celebratory, inviting the viewer to appreciate the daily performance of body decoration that has been an overlooked asset of women.

Born in South Korea, Sanghee has previously completed a BA in Apparel Design in Konkuk University in Seoul and has experience working within the fashion industry.