The Design and Copyright Society (DACS) have launched this year’s Payback scheme which will see over £4 million in royalties paid to artists and their estates.

The process applies to those whose work has been republished, such as the photocopying and scanning of work in books and magazines, or the recording or re-broadcasting of artwork in TV programmes.

With payments ranging from £25 to £4,100 and a simple online application process, the popularity of Payback was reflected last year when over 20,000 artists and estates received money.

Artist Annabel Tilley said: “It is so simple to sign up, take part and reap the benefits. The payment always arrives as a bonus just before Christmas. Last year I was able to buy a digital projector with my royalties. It’s very easy and you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”

DACS set up and has been running the annual scheme for over 15 years. It receives Payback royalties to distribute from various collective licensing schemes operated by organisations such as the Copyright Licensing Agency and the Educational Recording Agency. The fees are in addition to the copyright fees artists might receive when their work is first published or used on TV.

The deadline for online applications is Wednesday 30 September 2015. If you are submitting a paper form, the deadline is earlier on 17 September.

Apply for your share of £4 million in Payback royalties