Snape Maltings
East England

A wet and chilly Monday morning at Snape didn’t deter a good turn out for the discussion between Norman Rosenthal, Maggie Hambling and Emily Richardson. A lively introduction to the ten artists who had been invited to make work for ‘Snap’ as part of the Aldeburgh Festival.

Several of the artists including Hambling and Richardson had made work in response to the derelict spaces which make up part of the Snape Maltings site. What artist could have resisted such a wonderful challenge!

For me the work of May Cornet was the most beautiful and haunting. Set in Derelict Building C which was roofless and completely open to the elements Cornet had created a garden of brick built planters filled with an array of trailing and creeping flowering plants. Installed amongst these were a number of smooth white geometric sculptures. Dramatic musical notes drawing attention to themselves but at the same time serving to enhance the beauty of the commonplace. It was I felt a timeless piece of work .

I caught myself thinking about it several times over the week wistfully hoping that the whole installation might be allowed to remain there to continue the dialogue and the song.