St. Georges Square

This event, one-off budget 'spectacle' only compounded Kirklees' problems. It was a misuse of public art funds if there were any.

'That meant war' commented one audience member. Was it the rocket connotation, the percussive dirge of bells rung out , the council's firework finale that prompted his response? Local press spoke of a living bell tower by Transe Express.

The company, acrobat-musician-actors in French Revolutionary costume, played amid the capacity audience and on platforms above head height with flaming torches. A Cirque du Soleille for the regions, one clown held a prosthetic penis and mock urinated on the crowd.

A few days on I suggested to another poorly-housed tenant that we might have been better off if a Festival of Darkness were billed. That light had some top heaviness to it. Who, what committee commissioned it? Whose agenda were they serving?