Charlie Dutton Gallery
Thursday, June 24, 2010
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
1a Princeton Street London WC1R 4AX

Howard Dyke will install twenty new paintings from the last two years. A bombastic journey through disparate and some times desperate imagery. ‘Sense Maniac’ is an expressionist movement all of its own. Dyke’s gestural, painterly brushwork is expressive, emotive, evocative, but his gestures tend towards the figure and it’s clothing – in the case of the veil, robe or burka. As his brush strokes form folds, lines drips of colour, they relate back to drapery, dress and costume. The drapery is suggestive, allowing for multiple readings or projections, a conflation of apparel of paint, covering and protecting but also displaying the fabric, or providing a reason or support for bright colours and bold flowing patterns. Dyke destroys gesture and collapses the figure/ground dialectic. He takes apart his open expressionist gesture in order to examine it from a new view-point, rearranging, turning it around to see how it works, or to continue it. The folds become cut, the seams proliferate; the working method is still quick, loose and impulsive, but scissors have, for now, replaced the paintbrush; the scissors of a Tailor, a Collagist, a Montagist, creating new forms, mantles and relationships; assembling splinters into whole things again, finding spontaneous conjunctions from the pieces.