Julie Upmeyer is an artist and initiator who creates sculptures and objects, performances and installations. Growing up amongst the recycled industrial materials of her mother’s non-profit organization, she developed a love for transforming materials of all sorts. In art school at Grand Valley State University she studied ceramics, sculpture, and graphic design. She has recently moved from Istanbul to Wales, where she will continue to create works that combines her many passions: layers and labor - - - dimensions and dedication to craft - - - systems, substances, and shiny things. Her work is often the direct result of her manipulation of a chosen material, other times she enjoys the challenge of responding to a specific space, place, or theme. Her artworks, projects, and exhibitions have taken her all over the world. She is instinctively drawn to artist residencies – which to her are a perfect combination of production, surprise, and international connectedness. She co-founded Caravansarai, an art space and residency program in Istanbul and has had the pleasure of attending several different residencies as an artist. Anglesey, North Wales