Kristina Tonev, working under the professional alias SirK, has been painting since she was 6 years old. Growing up in picturesque Lithuania, surrounded by lakes and forests, Kristina’s forte is in painting bright colourful pictures that express compassion and positivity.  After her A levels and couple of years in higher study at the Vilnius College of Design, Vilnius, Lithuania, Kristina travelled across Europe, America and the UK before deciding to settle in England and work as a hairstylist in Norfolk for several years. Curiosity and her passion for painting led her to enrolling in private art lessons at the Old Art Rooms in Swaffham, Norfolk. Kristina also volunteered with Iceni Partnership – a local charity working to enrich community life – which gave her the opportunity to participate in the annual Swaffham Visual Arts Festival, where she showcased her early canvases for the first time and also made friends for life. In 2017, Kristina got married and gave birth to a boy, Leon, who has deepened her love for painting and the arts. She, her young family and two four-legged friends recently moved to beautiful coastal Suffolk, where she is now discovering new opportunities to foster her dream of connecting with people through painting and touching their soul with her artwork. When not in her studio, she can be found outdoors showing her son the magic of nature among other things. Saxmundham