Tom Cleaver is a Designer and Artist specialising in sets, scenery and exhibitions. His work has taken him to Germany, France and Sweden, and as far as the Arctic Circle. He mixes theatre commissions with illustration work and his particular passion is the design and construction of colossal, ceiling-scraping puppets. Tom believes that the fields of art and science are closely linked and frequently uses engineering concepts and manufacturing techniques in his creative work. He also believes in the social benefits of art and is regularly hired to consult with community groups and turn their ideas into reality. So, if your book or commercial project needs pictures, your class needs to know how to draw goblins, or your event needs a four metre-long Utahraptor running around and roaring at pensioners, then say hello. Feel free to browse examples of my work on my website and Social media streams. Instagram: mr_cleavers_monsters Facebook: mrcleaversmonsters Twitter: MCMonsters Leicester-based