East England

“Pete Kennedy is a phenomenon. He is the only illustrator I know whose artwork is completely unique, coming, as it does, from deep within, uninfluenced by the artistic styles of others. His work is a labour of love, closer to conceptual art than conventional illustration, and his deep commitment to it has spanned decades. His books are an open door into a world unlike any you’ve seen before.” Bryan Talbot (Graphic Novelist, Eisner Award winner)

“In all his books Pete mixes poetry, imagination, image, reality and (sur)reality. I always feel like I’m moving really fast when I’m reading his books. Grabbing a beautiful phrase here, pausing on fabulous drawing there, being whisked off to a strange place, then handed something familiar to bring me back to my own self and my own identity before being hurled off into another world I half-recognise. It’s exciting. It’s both a real and an unreal journey and I as a reader can choose where and when I get off and on. I need to write this in caps. I LOVED THE [O’DORK] BOOKS.” Gary Malkin, Former Archivist at BALTIC Art Centre, Gateshead.