Workplace Gallery
North East England

Workplace exhibitions are not pretty. This one was no exception. It's as if each of it's artists are practicing disfunctionalism. Each piece of work is missing something – and more specifically – the most notable element vanquished from that place is passion. The cerebrally deft and saturnine art works like trickery to fool you into not noticing something vital is missing. I am sure casualness is also part of the ruse. Coupe's jewellery display called 'Possession' and Macari's black ink mural 'Mountain Energie' were the only ones that expressed any honest, raw nerve. Though there were some good ideas that required nerve for their execution such as the story of Britain's bitterns sung like a folk ballad and a young girl dancing wild in a tutu in a pizza shop but these revealed more the determination to get the thing done than joy in action.

All credit to this very modern gallery reflecting our times: over analysis, greyness, waste – but I am still drawn to the few individuals who dare express their bliss.