East Midlands

What hasn’t changed with Arts Council England’s’ new ‘Lets Create’ strategy is their inclusivity and diversity. They’re isn’t any. They remain a wholly inclusive organisation of graduate arts administrators delivering their funding to a wide range of graduate artists and graduate art administrators to the benefit of University Business Plans. Leaving divergent thinking real artists excluded from their funding by their elitist condescending Higher Education biased group think. You can have any culture, art, artist you like as long as it’s a read-write Higher Education convergent thinking one. These outcomes will no doubt be further grown through the implementation of Governments’ levelling up agenda supporting initiatives across the Midlands and the North. With ACE funding used to insert regional university graduates into Arts Culture deficit Midlands and Northern areas to pollute then supplant their existing arts culture by inculcating their convergent thinking University approved artists, art and culture. Rather than organically growing the arts and culture already there. To who’s benefit is this colonisation, a sort of HE University Arts Culture Convergent thinking Gentrification that makes the University sector richer, existing divergent art, artists and England’s culture poorer?

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