Nottingham Trent University

Meg Tait

Well Hung

The performance starts off with the space in which she is given, with this elegantly constructed hoist suspended in the middle of the room, with the title 'well hung' on the side of the wall for all to see. Already the hoist performs as it occupies the space creating a practical conversation with the title, creating ironic institutional plays on what it is meant to hang a show.

Meg Tait herself, is dressed in a spectacular horse costume in which is not initially obvious to the viewer that it is 'home made' .However it bears traits due to the construction of such an elaborate costume made to fit. She approaches the hoist about every forty minutes, helped into this hoist and hoisted up about five foot into the air then left to complete the rest by herself for the last foot. She then hangs there for about five minutes in which any traits of Meg Tait are wiped clean and she has become this 'Well Hung' horse. After five minutes she is hoisted down and walks off returning to the rest of the exhibition.

Meg Tait coveys an authenticated control over herself arriving and leaving the same but transforms while she performs. Although restricted by the parameters of one self, she creates this rendition of the obtainable realism of become this character/object performing. Holding an ability to create a optimistic realisation of our own hopes and dreams, underlined by the ultimate truth of the performance. The transformation also creates this transcribed stereotyped gender, the role is then flipped by means of firstly the construction of the costume sewn by her creating this womanly gesture of needle craft. She then becomes this horse character, coming back to the title it is apparent of this male domineering stereotype of the apparent desire of all men. With the average horse penis size being 22 inches, making Meg Tait's epigrammatic arrival at this male character.

I guess overall I must negotiate that does one arrive the same and then leave the same?