Harris Museum & Art Gallery

I am currently holding an exhibition alongside my young son and even younger daughter, who is just three. The exhibition holds a special significance for me, as I myself used to exhibit alongside my father, the late John Victor Bullock, in and around The Fylde, and in the open annual exhibition in The Harris Museum and Art Gallery. It’s truly a case of history repeating itself, and gives me pleasure to see the family talent continue. I myself hold a (B.A.Hons) in illustration, other than that I am self taught, learning much from my father. My son Dominyck has inherited this artistic gene and strong designing skill. Olivia has a great talent, and has around twelve pieces on show alongside her brothers and my own, it is hoped this exhibition will bridge the gap between the old and the young, whilst still promoting real art and what it stands for today, works are for sale if anyone is interested, and a contact no is 01253 304545. Please go and have a look. We put much effort in.