Baltic 39


Andrew Miller
Dusk or Dawn

20 July – 7 October 2012

“The first, You me something else 2012, is a canopy of bunting that traverses the gallery as a line drawing in space”

Does there need to be a reference to drawing?

Does the bunting really draw a line within the space?
With the bunting stretching and criss crossing from one side of the room to another you could say that there is a sense of a fashioned line throughout the space, but I would not have said it draws, no strung line was the focus. The line almost becomes lost in the vast numbers of triangles peacefully dangling in the atmosphere. But no, or very few triangles are perfect, the criss crossing, the layering of bunting causes the lifeless shapes to collide with each other.

But not a collision of explosive nature, a tender almost passionate meet of the reoccurring materials as gentle creases are made within the varieties of materials. The intertwining points of one turquoise hanging with another white, the creases being in opposite directs form a bulge like structure between the two, but with a soft gradient leading the two down to a meeting point.

The diverse array of materials and with it color bring alight the current tread of that crafty do it yourself home decor that seems to be plaguing the blog arena of the internet.