Wyer Gallery

‘Kin’ the new show of paintings by Richard Moon at Wyer gallery draws you in instantly as they are painted with sensitivity and compassion. The collection of figures and portraits seem to relate intentionally to our own long lost cousins or odd relatives that have just been rediscovered. They take on their own strong individual identities but still feel like family. Moon’s excellent painting and rendering of the subjects is almost too easy as he is able to push the figures into a rounded reality. The paintings are traditionally and simply presented oil on canvas but slightly varnished giving a timely feel. This subtle handling is in keeping with the direction that the artist wants. “My figures are collaged and appropriated from many images of life and times even from pre 19th century to the present day. They are instinctive and exist outside a preconceived idea or direction.”

Some are painted in black and white and some in rich colour mixed with care and thoughtfulness. Looking at each painting in turn is like a journey of discovery, you feel you know each one intimately but at the same time have a strong need to find out more. He seduces us to look closely at certain features selectively emphasised or understated creating odd exaggerations that add to a feeling of knowing their personalities and characters. They all have a relative other worldliness. Questions start baying at the door – Who are they? They seem so real and well painted they must be important to have this sort of presence in art. Influential dealers have already been flocking to buy pieces which pre empts this inevitable emergence and certainty of strength of this little known artist. This show is not to be missed and is his second solo with Wyer and best yet as his work is edging impressively towards a much stronger presence and certainly a name to look out for in the future.

Nigel Tomlinson Artist