AIR Gallery
North West England

Currently exhibiting is Louise Garman with That Dark Space Behind My Eyes and Jenny Drinkwater’s ROSE TINTED. Whilst both exhibitions are landscape-based they couldn’t be more different aesthetically. And its in a captivating, different way. Taking the subject and organically producing two separate outcomes at the same time as also using painting, photography, sculpture and assemblage in their practices.

Both take the angle of abandoned spaces and displaced landscapes. Louise Garman’s artist books, objects and photographic prints present a eerie and grounded assemblage of ideas, drawings and discarded items from her journeys. Subconsciously, she has focused on life and death – birds’ nests, children’s toys, skulls, sleeping tablets, to name but a few. She has become fascinated by unwanted, displaced and discarded signs of life, both man-made and natural.

By carefully constructing installation pieces from her images and videos Garman is documenting her journeys to capture a moment in time, both ugly and beautiful, harsh and tender.

Similarly, Jenny Drinkwater’s show takes a view of the landscape though a rose tinted lens. Her practise very much looks to the landscape as an urban product, constructed and manipulated to the whims of man. She combines materials alongside various media to amplify the effect of what is natural or artificial, and ultimately asking if there is anything natural about the landscape today.

The pieces in ROSE TINTED also focuses on man-made signs and networks that have become derelict and are being lost to nature. She articulates the power of the elements whether it be natural, manmade, organic or urban, making the invisible visible and the visible invisible.

Both exhibitions are on until 2nd June

AIR Gallery
The Warehouse
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Manchester, WA14 1LD