This exhibition features the work of four artists/makers brought together by Julie Arkell and Gallery owner Yvonna Demczynska.

This is a commercial gallery that deals mainly in craft in West London just off Westbourne Grove. Julie Arkell has created a cast of papier mâché characters for the show. Jessie Chorley has stitched and drawn books, Cleo Mussi has made a number of magically metamorphosised ceramic / mosaic animals with teapot spout tails and dog heads and Jeanette Orrell is showing a series of wire pieces and prints.

Obviously I particularly enjoyed Jeanette's work.(see previous review of Delineated at Galeri) The groups of wire sculptures would look fantastic suspended from the high ceiling of a Ladbroke Grove flat, their linear shadows playfully dancing on the wall behind. There is something incredibly delicate about these pieces that reference kitchen utensils. The use of thin wire and wax and, sparingly, thread combined beautifully with the black linear drawing created by the shadow. There is minimal use of material reflecting the everyday mundanity of whisks and yet somehow creating an object of simple beauty. Another series of pieces are called chattels and these look at the idea of personal possessions that can be carried around with you.

Jessie Chorley's work is more obviously telling stories. All of the pieces in this show have an element of narrative. Jessie, a Goldsmiths graduate, cleverly combines found objects; a dress, old tobacco tins, broken watches, to create three dimensional stories. The pieces evoke a time gone by.

Cleo Mussi similarly collects found ceramic cups, objects and teapots.

She combines them to create new creatures which remind me of the Victorian game of consequences.

Julie Arkell's work is shown here in abundance. There is a feeling of entering into a fairy tale world of folk lore. Julie's work draws on shared experience and rememisence. The characters invite you to create stories around them.

Overall a good show which challenges the perception of craft.