Nottingham Trent University

Printed arrows aim to guide you through the sporadic architecture of the Fine art studios. A reservoir of dispensable artworks attempt to mask the stunning executions that disclose what a Nottingham Trent Fine Art graduate can be.

Calvin Sangster’s flawless structure undeniably demands attention before luring you into a false sense of security through the presence of his concieted employees.

James Lockyer’s agressive and indulgent portrayal of cinematic manipulation stands out a mile on the large screen show reel.

Jennifer Ross enigmatically reconstructs found footage. Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Michael Jackson’s Earth Song linger the surrounding hallways. Presented across 3 monitors, you are forced to question the seductive qualities of popular culture.

Thomas Darby inhabits a congested store room. An installation of monitors replay earlier occupancies of the room. Watching the vulnerable and exposed, you become sensitive and affected by feelings of pity.

A sometimes surprising and often bewildering example of contemporary art, it is my hope that visitors of the 2010 show opt to disregard the unoriginal and salvage judgement for the spectacular.