South Hill Park
South East England

A collection of contemporary portraiture, tableau, still life and photography of miniatures by five different artists tenuously connected by the concept of failure of the photographic medium.

The uncoordinated opening launch included no freely available information or indication of which artists were present instead a thin veneer of corporate smiles and free wine coaxed visitors into carefully corralled spaces. The works are spread disparately throughout two gallery spaces losing some of the sense of ouvre or possibly creating a confusing hybrid mix of the five.

The ubiquitous over-large print was in evidence along with a variety of presentations styles from video to museological. The highlight for me was Holden’s accessible 2008 video piece which overtly staged a direct comparison of video and still portrait photography, indeed exposing the failures of the still image

The concept/idea was possibly diluted by the eclectic nature of the mix and certainly eluded many visitors if the comments book is anything to go by.