ADeC, Babylon Gallery

The beauty and the power of the human voice were profoundly explored in an intriguing composition by Caroline Wright entitled Voice Human Action. Using the Lady Chapel in Ely Cathedral as one large sound box, the performers presented smoothly choreographed tableaux of actions that explored the complex nature of communication.

The performance began with a quiet gathering of the participants in response to a deep resonant and gradually emerging ‘ohm’. This ‘ohm’ sound and its amazing resonance due to the structure of the Lady Chapel captured the essence of meaningful communication in sound, reminiscent of known practices used to inspire the inner person to communicate well beyond the restrictive self.

Heightened experiences developed as the sounds altered in tone and texture and as the performers increased or decreased their personal involvement with the communication, with the other communicators and with the listeners.

The text chosen to be woven into these amazing aural encounters was based on the nature of the rainbow, a suitable symbol of hopes and desires that are inextricably part of the human psyche.

This was a most moving experience which is being further explored with Caroline’s scientific/art exhibition Lines of Communication in the Babylon Gallery. One of the most amazing exhibits is a video of the internal workings of the human voice in action as someone speaks.

The exhibition and documentary film of the performance Voice Human Action may be viewed for free at the Babylon Gallery, Waterside Ely Cambs. until Sunday 20 th November: Tues-Sat 10 am-4 pm ; Sun and Bank hols 11am-5pm (not Mon) Tel:616993