Nottingham Trent University
East Midlands

A small corridor bulging from every stable surface with enormous, alien-like growths. A dark room flooded with shimmering light being emanated from a smaller, transparent growth… alone and isolated from its siblings. This is the work of Natalie Medforth, a talented student who works with repetition, and how it becomes comforting when using this process as an outlet for frustration and everyday worries. By creating an overgrown environment using everyday plastic cups, she forces us as an audience to interact with her work and to experience the uncomfortable and uncontrollable act of OCD, and the comfort and relief of finishing the process.

Her work is ambiguous, and mesmerizing in terms of the soft curves, and peacefulness of the work. it is almost as if her work was meant to be there, a natural growth. I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.