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Residencies: Wysing Arts Centre

In 2017, Wysing Arts Centre restructured its residency programme to be more responsive to artists’ situations and to support a more diverse pool of practices. Drawing on a conversation that took place between Wysing’s director Donna Lynas and resident artist Tessa Norton at the ‘Pivotal Moments’ conference, Lydia Ashman explores how and why the programme has changed.

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Residencies: Visual Arts in Rural Communities

Visual Arts in Rural Communities hosts residencies in the remote hill-farming area of Tarset in Northumberland. In August 2018, the organisation piloted its first residency for a disabled artist. Lydia Ashman speaks to Project Director Janet Ross and artist, curator and disability advocate Aidan Moesby about the development of the pilot and its impact on the organisation’s programme.

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Residencies: The Art House

Based in Wakefield, visual arts development agency The Art House continually explores ways to work with artists who face barriers to their practice. Its residency programme supports artists at different stages of their career and is shaped around individuals’ needs. Lydia Ashman speaks to Programme Producer Simon Boase and artist Rosanne Robertson about the tailored support the organisation provides to artists.

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Residencies: The Mothership

The Mothership is an independent residency programme run by artist Anna Best from a purpose built studio nestled in Dorset woodland. Lydia Ashman speaks to Best and former resident artist Dominque Golden about how the flexibility of The Mothership is particularly supportive of artists with families.

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