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A Q&A with… Onyeka Igwe, artist filmmaker exploring resistance to colonialism

London-based artist Onyeka Igwe has mined colonial-era archives for three new films inspired by all-women protests against British rule in west Africa, currently showing together in the solo exhibition ‘No Dance, No Palaver’, in Hawick, Scotland. She discusses the spectre of the ‘colonial gaze’ and the ethics of archive research with Sonya Dyer.

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Cobweb Hat: A Christmas Donation!

A Christmas/holidays post for The Museum of Object Research, which began with a flourish earlier in the year and has been resting nicely after the initial excitement of it’s opening. It’s a thank you post to all readers and contributors […]

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The residue of an unspecified ritual and journeying to no end

A recent awardee of Arts Council England’s Grants For The Arts program, I am participating in a 2 month residency investigating post-colonialism and the uncanny body in Saint Louis, Senegal. With additional support from WAAW Centre for Art, this blog […]

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