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Prizes and awards focus

Selected reports on some of the UK’s prizes and awards for artists including cash prizes, solo exhibitions and professional development support.

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When I'm Sea Queen surely I will need a Sea King
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Prizes and awards

Over 2,500 entries were submitted for the 2008 Jerwood Drawing Prize, advertised through a-n, with sixty-three works shortlisted.

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Porter responds

In response to Emily Ritchie’s letter in December’s a-n Magazine, I feel that the following needs to be added for clarity.

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Annuale review critiqued

I am writing about the article in October’s a-n Magazine reviewing The Edinburgh Annuale, ‘Annuale III’ by Guyan Porter.

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Bombay Sapphire Prize

Carolyn Black profiles the Bombay Sapphire Prize and explores the nuances of commercial sponsorship of prizes, awards and commissions.

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