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watercolour frogs

It’s night when I most feel the need to write. I’m painting small pictures of frogs. The paper is cheap and the water causes it to buckle unsatisfyingly. All artists seem to have a jealous hoarding desire for paper. It […]

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12th June Rain stopped play!

The elements beat me. Overnight drawings were reducing to tiny scribbles. In the rain the paper swells, stopping the movement of the pen. So, that is the end of that little lockdown research project. I’ve blogged about it on my […]

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    Transition Gallery
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    April 23, 2016
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    May 21, 2016
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When the walls take flight

In the run up to my exhibition at Castle House, Sheffield I will document the thoughts, experimentation and processes that shape my work. ‘When the walls take flight’ will be a wallpaper installation and performance which, during the exhibition, transforms into a flock of birds.

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