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Rome Art Week

Current work explores globalisation through its accelerated impact on city space. Operating at the intersection of urbanisation, postcolonialism and interculturalism, urban-spatial movements are sampled and traced within densely populated and expanding cities.

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Come a little closer

Its chucking it down out there and I’ve spent a good proportion of the day in my studio. I am still working on my ‘Abstract City’ series, be it a little slow. One of the things I consistently find difficult […]

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Saturday 26th September 2015

  These photographs are some edits that I did over the weekend; they are of a fly over in London. I have played around with the colour and the sharpness of the photos as well as darkening the corners of […]

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That quiet pathway that leads to home. The flowers that fall upon the ground. The lovely little café around the corner. The city is the place where dreams begin. The beach in the cold winter light, the ground wallpaper of […]

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Event Exhibition

Lost Identity

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  • Venue:
    The Muse at 269 Gallery | Studio
  • From:
    November 11, 2015
  • To:
    November 29, 2015
  • Location:
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Urban Desires

Urban Desires Quite often I work on a number of pieces at the same time. Currently I have a very big painting on the way, but because of various reasons, I can’t currently proceed with it. Normally it’s to do […]

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Untitled blog post from "Project Me"

I am starting to feel rather anxious about the end of year presentations for the course that I have been taking at Mejan.  I have thoroughly enjoyed Following Eugène however I am not sure that what I have to present.  […]

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My work published in In The City catalogue

I have recently had my work published in a new book exploring perceptions of the city on a global scale. ‘An Additive Mixture #2’ was chosen to be printed in this zingy book which was published to coincide with an […]

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Reflecting on my Residency at Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn

My creative reflections were all discussed in my previous blog post. I discovered more than just artistic revelations on my residency. Now I am back from Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn in Cumbria, I am pushed back into city life. I […]

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