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Ben Sadler, screen shot from @bend_laser Instagram, 29 June 2018. Courtesy: the artist.
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Artists + Instagram: Ben Sadler is @bend_laser

@bend_laser is described by the artist as “a crap anagram” of his name. But can the format of Instagram become an anagram for everyday life and work? Richard Taylor looks at the Birmingham-based artist, one-half of the collaborative duo Juneau Projects, and takes a dive into his extensive Insta-collection of solo work.

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Week 3, Tuesday

A deeper sense of involvement on site today. Not that I don’t already feel immersed in the dig. The archaeologists are increasingly showing me what is going on – from sharing a find to explaining the process. Some things are […]

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Day off

Not really. I’m away from the day job today and spent it slowly going through the ‘to do list’ before going back to work again tomorrow . I really wanted to see some of the Biennial and Independents exhibitions in […]

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Event Exhibition

St Nowhere

  • Now showing
  • Venue:
    Lewisham Arthouse
  • From:
    July 16, 2018
  • To:
    July 29, 2018
  • Location:
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Troublesome and Torturous

Troublesome and Torturous I have used both these words this morning to describe my drawing. I’ve moved the drawing from the single sheets of thick-textured cartridge or watercolour paper to a roll of cheap stuff. The cheap stuff does not […]

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New trailer – the pleasures of learning

Nothing makes me happier than the possibility of learning something new. This year, I decided to dedicate myself to my ‘On Drawing’ project, as well as to develop new works in video. Thanks to a-an Artist Bursaries 2018, not only I can reward […]

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Shoresearch Survey

Sussex Wildlife Trust is one of the organisations to routinely survey the beaches along the coast of Sussex. Involving volunteers, it makes for a great afternoon of legitimately staring into rockpools. Looking with a guide and with a clipboard to […]

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