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Group Exhibitions

I facilitate a weekly life drawing session, in an event space in a pub and the group were considering having an exhibition. Each artist will be responible for hanging their work, looking after it and taking payment if anyone wishes […]

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Negotiating better

Resources on the a-n site that aid artists to negotiate better and achieve good conditions and terms as they pursue their practices and projects. See also my selection from a range of other sites in  20 Great sources on artists […]

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Resource Guide

Agreeing a contract

This guide by Sheena Etches and Nicholas Sharp outlines issues and practicalities to be aware of when negotiating and agreeing a contractual arrangement.

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Resource Guide

What is a contract?

A contract is an agreement between two or more people that is legally binding. It can be verbal or written. This guide by Sheena Etches and Nicholas Sharp outlines the essential ingredients of a contract, offer and acceptance, and implied terms.

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Contracts – uses and abuses

Collection of legal guides and toolkits to support the a-n professional development event: Contracts – uses and abuses with solicitor Nicholas Sharp and artist Joseph Young, enabling participants to gain skills to produce and negotiate contracts, 3 February 2015, Pump […]

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Resource Guide

The contracts toolkit

This toolkit is an introduction to the contractual process, enabling artists to assess contracts and to build their own.

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Legal guides

Legally-sound guidance on contracts, copyright and the law. Includes links to The Artists Contracts Toolkit – an interactive resource to build your own contract and gain understanding of clauses and terms.

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Partnership Agreements

Can anyone advise me on who might help with Partnership Agreements that layout the basis for working with a new partner .  We have NDA’s in place around the work we’re producing – digital work – and need to move […]

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Resource Archive Feature

Copyright and collaboration

Artists are increasingly working with organisations and other artists in collaborative situations where issues of Intellectual Property may be less clear. We asked solicitor Nicholas Sharp for his advice in response to an artist’s recent query.

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Additional resources

Additional resources have been published since a-n launched its Code of Practice for the Visual Arts. Launched in June, The artist’s development toolkit provides self-reflective material for artists at all career stage and for art and design students, enabling them […]

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