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Talk about Drawing

I did a Zoom talk about Drawing last week. It’s been uploaded to YouTube. It was part of a series of online talks for Draw Brighton’s ‘ETC’ series of talks/conversations with the Artist and writer Jake Spicer. I’ve watched it […]

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Drawing of a figure from behind dressed in a large coat holding a bunch of flowers and handbag in their hands. They look at a statue of a footballer on a plinth,
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Group Shows – do they help us all?

Installing the new Ordinary/Extraordinary show at the Workers Gallery, resident artist shares her hopes for the show – for everyone exhibiting

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Fun, fun, fun

Busy, busy busy prepping adult and children’s workshops. I have to confess to being more excited about the children’s workshops. I’ve already delivered one ‘Animal Magic’ workshop at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery last month. That was a success with […]

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Event Exhibition

Gallery Watching

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    Ruthin Craft Centre
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    September 30, 2023
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    November 26, 2023
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Week 3

The weather continued wet and windy, the latter particularly strong and biting, which limited my work on site this week. There is a sheltered spot where the supervisor of Structure 12 has set up office.  I sat there to draw […]

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End of week 2

It has been a cold and very windy week, with frequent heavy showers. So it has not only restricted time on site but also been difficult to keep warm. Where the archaeologists are mainly in the relative shelter of the […]

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Week 2

Having torn up my plan last week I have now decided to not only concentrate on what appeals but, realising that people are my primary interest, to focus on human activity. This brings me back to the original purpose of […]

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End of week one

Some better weather and I’ve torn up my plan. Having tried to make a list of things to do, which was beginning to make me anxious, it seemed sensible to simply go out on site and record, both visually and […]

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