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Untitled blog post from "Project Me"

Yesterday evening I went to my first “Enköping Art Association” event, it was a discussion with several of the artists from the current show at the gallery: 8 Young Artists.  One of the artists, Fredrik Eriksson, I know a little […]

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What is an artist?

It dawned on me a few days ago that I need (want?) to take on broad what being an artist means in a more complete sense of the word … or perhaps ‘concept’.  And that I need to do this […]

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Untitled blog post from "Project Me"

  Perhaps because I do not have my own home my studio has had a very significant role in my life since moving to Sweden.  It is not only where I come to work, but also a sanctuary when I […]

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Project Me

Project Me: charting the progress of my practice since 2007

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