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Thinking time and curating

The second of the exhibitions that I have curated has just opened. What a steep learning curve it has been. I don’t think I understood how time-consuming it was, especially in thinking time. And so many lists! The exhibition, Things […]

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Proof of proper artisthood

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a booklet, an illustrated version of The princess and the pea, which much delighted me, partly because, as she knew, it brought childhood memories, partly because my body/skin can be fired up […]

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Exhibiting in non-art spaces…

Recently I was asked to show a specially commissioned film in a social club setting. I was met with a series of challenges, which at every stage threatened to thwart the project entirely. Somehow me and my trusty collaborator persevered […]

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Using stuff

Today is my Friday. Last day of five in, five days of breathing air conditioned dry air, making my nose even stuffier. Tomorrow I will be able to breathe again. As I was feeling so sorry for myself in my […]

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The reality of putting on an exhibition

Last night was the opening of our Colonize Revisited exhibition at Arena Gallery and I’ve been so tired today, all I’ve done is flitted from one thing to another, unable to focus for more than ten minutes at a time. […]

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Catching up

Time for an update! New Dover Arts Development projects aside, I’ve just handed over 3 mono prints for an exhibition at a new gallery run by artist friend Gillan Westgate: the Mayor’s Parlour Gallery in Bow Road. Being asked to make […]

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Research Cultural value

Paying Artists research: Phase 2 findings

Second phase of a-n/AIR-commissioned research, exploring artists’ and venues’ experiences of exhibiting in publicly-funded venues. Phase 2 findings build on data from Phase 1 and are based on interviews conducted with artists and venues.

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Research Cultural value

Paying Artists research: Phase 1 findings

a-n/AIR-commissioned research exploring artists’ experiences of exhibiting in publicly-funded galleries. Phase 1 is based on an online survey exploring artists’ experiences of exhibition practice.

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Research Working practice

The artist and exhibitions

How do artists fare when they show work in publicly-funded galleries in the UK? A one-page infographic shows statistical information about artists’ income from exhibiting and the support they receive. Research led by AIR as the first stage in the Paying Artists campaign.

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