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How to deal with VAT on sales

When selling work through a gallery, how does an artist deal with VAT on sales commission? This guide by financial services experts Counterculture and VAT advisory service SOC VAT explains the two principle methods.

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A budget is an essential tool for any artist planning a new project, making a funding application or drawing up a business plan, while a-n’s Exhibition Payment Guide asks artists to provide a clear exhibition proposal and budget in advance of negotiation. This guide by the Cultural Enterprise Office in Glasgow offers straightforward advice on how to construct and manage a simple budget.

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Becoming self-employed

If you are an artist or arts organisers who earns income from a variety of sources, self-employment is usually a good option as it enables you to work for many different people and perform more than one type of work. This guide by financial services experts Counterculture explains what self-employment means, how to register as self-employed, and how and when you will need to pay tax.

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The artist’s fees toolkit

Enables artists to calculate an individual daily rate for services they supply based upon their unique circumstances and overheads and to prepare quotes when pitching for freelance work.

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Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a new benefit that is designed to support people who are on a low income or out of work. This guide by financial services experts Counterculture explains how Universal Credit is calculated and how it may impact those who are self-employed.

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Negotiating a better rate of pay

Getting paid a fair fee is not suggestive of a revolution. So why does it sometimes incur resistance, both from those who pay and from ourselves? This guide by Rod McIntosh introduces ideas towards getting paid what you want and indeed deserve.

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Quality on a budget

In an ideal world you would only embark on projects where there is sufficient funds available. This guide by Rod McIntosh outlines an approach to finding workable compromises whilst maintaining quality for times when money is tight.

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How to price your work

Artists, gallerists and curators offer tips and guidance on how to price work when exhibiting in group shows, selling at open studios, or applying for open competitions.

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